What does logistics mean for e-commerce?

Along with product procurement, e-commerce logistics is one of the three main factors on which the success of online trade depends.

The efficiency of business transactions in e-commerce depends to a large extent on how well one organises the logistics processes and information support.

E-commerce logistics involves complex processes from ordering to delivery to the customer.


Logistics in online commerce has three main functions:


  • receiving products from the supplier


  • storage


  • transport of goods to the customer


The main purpose of logistics processes in e-commerce is to optimise the costs of the entire logistics processes: the receipt of goods, storage, picking and packing, shipping and the processing of returns.

Why is fast delivery important? Customers don’t want to wait, they want their product here and now. Many shops ensure the fastest possible delivery, as well-organised logistics processes can have an impact on the company’s reputation and set their online retailing apart from the competition.

Manufacturers: They are not always the final sellers, but can work with a large number of shops that offer their goods. At the same time, they are involved in the chain of logistics processes in e-commerce by forwarding the order to the distribution centres or directly to the customers.

Fulfilment centres: These are large warehouses that organise the dispatch of e-commerce goods to the end customer. The shop can take advantage of a fulfilment centre and delegate the tasks of picking, storing, packing and shipping the shipment.

Shipping centre: Large shipping centres are very popular in the USA. Shops use them to be able to offer their goods in every region. Such centres in the chain of logistics processes are suitable for companies that want to expand their sales area.

Goods distribution centre: Large online shops use them to handle bulk shipments.
Transport companies: These are companies that deliver goods from the manufacturer or retailer to the dispatch centre or the end consumer.

The chain in e-commerce logistics has become more complex. But it also opens up new business opportunities and sets virtually no limits for sellers in online retail today.

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