Fulfillment in Berlin

Fulfillment is a series of actions from the time the order is placed by the buyer to the receipt of goods.

Every successful eCommerce company needs new warehouses. With the good investments, it could be achieved by hiring employees, renting premises, and setting up logistics processes. .

Internet shops without significant investments cannot do that. Building or renting a new warehouse costs time and money. Building is not a priority for the manufacturer. Everyone has their own role: manufacturers have to produce, couriers have to deliver, only then will everything work.

What does fulfillment in Berlin include:

  • Storage of goods
  • Taking and processing orders
  • Pick and Pack
  • Picking and packaging orders
  • Delivery of orders
  • Processing the returns

Goods receiving

The fulfillment operator only acts as an intermediary in the seller-buyer chain, who receives and stores the incoming goods.

The goods are accepted in the warehouse of the fulfillment center. Every product is checked, if necessary it is stuck on a unique barcode, additional packaging can be carried out.

  • Every arriving pallet is unpacked
  • The number of items in the goods is calculated
  • Goods are sorted by article to automate further steps
  • Each product group is measured and weighed. This is necessary for shipping companies
  • The information in the form of a report is sent to the customer together with the details

Storage of the goods in Berlin

Fulfillment Center can accept all items. Items such as alcohol, tobacco, medication or jewelry cannot be stored. Goods such as flowers or perishable goods are also unsuitable. Food can be stored if it is properly packaged and certified.

Contact us for more information regarding the storage of your goods:

Fulfillment Angebot in Berlin

Fulfillment in Berlin

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