Fulfillment across Europe

Although leading e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay are based in the US, the European online retail market is a treat for many businesses. E-commerce sales in Europe are growing every year and are expected to reach a record $483.8 billion by 2023, up 40% from 2018.
Expanding trade with the European Union in mind has clear benefits. Thanks to the free movement of goods and services in all 27 member states, expanding this market provides access to more than 450 million potential customers. The non-EU countries of Switzerland, the UK and Russia should not be overlooked. They too are experiencing a boom in e-commerce with a huge number of potential customers.

For many online retailers, the European e-commerce market is attractive because it is still in the growth phase, is not saturated and offers great potential.
Despite all the attractiveness and opportunities, entering the European e-commerce market can be complicated by a number of factors. Europe consists of many countries and each of them has its own specific characteristics and requirements, rules, tariffs and shipping conditions.
If entering European markets is part of your overall e-commerce strategy, much of the challenge is managing cross-border shipping and logistics. To ensure your successful expansion, you should think about logistics in advance.

Fulfillment in Europe

On the one hand, shipping goods to Europe opens up access to the growing e-commerce market and its opportunities for online retailers in many countries. However, this process can be fraught with some difficulties and questions: Where are your products stored? How do they get to the customers? It is also important to remember that each country, even within the EU, has its own rules and regulations.

The key to the success of any online business is well-functioning logistics. It’s quite simple: there’s little point in having a product if it remains just a pretty picture on the website due to technical problems. It is possible to send five packages a week on your own. However, with a high volume of orders, it is difficult to divide the time between business development and monitoring the individual orders.

What does fulfillment for e-commerce in Europe involve?

Theoretically, it is always possible to get by with deliveries via the national postal service or foreign courier services. In practice, things can go quite differently than planned: The package is delivered late, gets lost or even goes to the wrong place. Clarifying such issues with each individual service in another country is problematic and time-consuming. It could damage a company’s reputation. There is a risk of losing customers.

And then, if you expect a large turnover of goods on the European online market, it is essential to consider the following steps:

  • Legalizing the business according to all the regulations of the country where you will be operating. Ordinary delivery services cannot help here, but a fulfillment center can.
  • Planning all necessary and important logistical details, such as storage of goods, storage location for easy shipping, delivery times and much more.

When selling to other EU countries, it is important to consider:
Cost of fulfillment Europe-wide. Shipping prices to the EU differ from country to country. For many countries, shipping prices are comparable to shipping prices within Germany; for others, on the contrary, they are too high.
Delivery time when selling abroad. Delivery times and other conditions vary from country to country. Shipping to the Benelux countries, for example, usually takes a few days, while to other EU countries it can take up to 14 days.

Therefore, when looking for a reliable European fulfillment operator, it is important to look for additional services besides the basic e-commerce fulfillment services (goods receipt, custody, order processing, transport), such as:

  • Tax advice. Sometimes fulfillment providers help to obtain the VAT number required to register a business in any EU country, which gives the right to formally do business. They also advise on all the steps involved in paying and reporting taxes.
  • Legalization of products. Each European country has its own requirements for products. What is legal in one country may be illegal in another. Experienced fulfillment operators are aware of this and include advice and support on product legalization in their range of services.
  • Processing returns. If a customer cancels or rejects an order after receipt, the appointed fulfillment provider records the reasons for rejection and inspects the goods for damage.

The market for fulfillment services is booming, as is the e-commerce market. How do you find the most reliable fulfillment provider for successful online trading in Europe? Our service can help you find the right fulfillment provider for e-commerce in Europe among the variety of offers.

Our service for fulfillment across Europe

Without a well thought-out logistics strategy, you could face significant delivery delays, dissatisfied customers and higher costs. With the help of a reliable fulfillment operator in Europe, you could avoid these hassles and ensure a smooth order fulfillment process.

To find the right fulfillment provider, you need to analyze what fulfillment services you need. For example, you need to compare costs and storage conditions, delivery times and rates. To run a successful logistics business, you can’t just take the first available fulfillment operator and sign a contract. You also need to analyze the company’s reputation in the market and its experience.
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