Fulfillment across Europe

Fulfillment across Europe and Germany

Shipping goods across Europe opens up access to completely new perspectives. But joining the pan-European e-commerce market comes with some challenges.

Many questions come to mind, among them: What are the fulfillment costs? Where exactly will the goods be stored during fulfillment in Germany or another European country? How do you find reputable fulfillment service providers? etc.?

You should also bear in mind that each country has its own rules and regulations, which also affect fulfillment logistics and other fulfillment services.

If your marketing strategy is aimed at developing the European market, appropriate service through local partners for fulfillment across Europe can be the optimal solution.

This includes all services associated with the delivery of goods to customers and necessary for the processing of the order.

By commissioning a fulfillment across Europe provider with the necessary logistical tasks, you can fully concentrate on the further development of your online shop or other strategic goals.

Fulfillment services for e-commerce: relevant services

If you expect a large turnover of goods on the European online market, it is essential to consider the following steps:

  • Legalise the e-commerce business according to all the regulations of the country where you will be operating: Ordinary delivery services cannot help here, but a fulfilment centre can. This takes care of planning all the necessary and important logistical details, such as storage of goods, storage location for easy shipping, delivery times and much more.
  • When selling in Europe, you also need to consider costs for fulfilment across Europe: Shipping prices can vary greatly from country to country.
    In many European countries, shipping prices are comparable to those in Germany, but there are also countries with significantly higher prices.
    Your fulfilment service provider is the first point of contact for questions about country-specific fulfilment logistics or shipping costs.
  • In addition to fulfilment costs, the shipping time is also relevant. The duration of delivery and other conditions also differ from country to country.
    Shipping to the Benelux countries, for example, usually takes a few days, while shipments to some European countries take up to 14 days as standard.

Therefore, when looking for a European fulfilment partner, it is important to look for additional fulfilment services besides the basic services (goods receipt, order processing, transport), such as:

  • Tax advice: sometimes fulfilment providers help you obtain the VAT number required to register a business in the relevant European country. This gives you the right to formally do business. Some fulfilment centres also advise on tax payment and reporting.
  • Legalisation of products: Whether fulfilling in Germany or another European country, the requirements for products can vary greatly. What is legal in one country may be prohibited in another. Experienced fulfilment service providers are aware of this and count advice and support on product legalisation among their fulfilment services.
  • Processing returns: If a customer cancels or rejects the order after receipt, the appointed provider for fulfilment across Europe records the reasons for rejection and inspects the goods for damage.

Our service: comprehensive comparison of fulfillment across Europe providers on Myfracht.com

With the help of a reliable partner for fulfilment across Europe in the respective country, you can avoid or solve many problems more quickly, for example in the event of a delivery delay or with regard to the general order processing procedure.

To find the right provider for fulfilment across Europe, you need to analyse which fulfilment services you need. Among other things, you need to compare fulfilment costs and storage conditions as well as delivery times and rates.

Does this sound far too complicated and time-consuming for you? We are happy to help! Thanks to our free provider comparison, you will quickly be in the picture and can put your business plans into action.

This is how easy it is to compare fulfillment across Europe partners on MyFracht.com:

You complete the Fulfillment Services Cost Calculation Request Form indicating:

  • Desired location of your fulfillment service (this can be one country, multiple countries or a region);
  • Space requirements for your warehouse;
  • Number of shipments per month.

Taking these parameters into account, we analyse fulfillment services and costs from different providers.

You will receive a price comparison of fulfillment across Europe centres according to your requirements.

Save a lot of time and effort with our comparison service! With us you get a fast, free and high-quality comparison of fulfilment services according to entered criteria.

Why are fulfillment services also interesting for your e-commerce company?

The European e-commerce market is on a steady growth course. Turnover is skyrocketing and, according to current studies, will reach a record level in the next few years.

For online retailers, the European e-commerce market is attractive not only because it is still in the growth phase, but also because it is not yet saturated and offers great potential.

So expanding trade into European countries has clear financial incentives for online retailers. Whether fulfilment in Germany or another European country, the current boom in e-commerce promises many potential customers with purchasing power.

If entering more European markets is part of your e-commerce strategy, much of the challenge is managing cross-border transport and logistics.

No matter which market is your top priority, we can help you find a reliable fulfilment partner so you can focus on other e-commerce business goals. You can rely on us to help you with the time-consuming search for a suitable fulfilment service provider!