PRE FBA Service

The Pre FBA service (Pre Fulfillment by Amazon) plays a crucial role for sellers who sell their products through Amazon. It refers to the services provided before shipping to an Amazon fulfillment centre. When comparing prices for Pre FBA service, certain aspects should be considered to find the provider.


First of all, it is important to check the expertise and experience of the provider. Pre FBA service requires in-depth knowledge of the Amazon platform, its requirements and processes. The provider should have an experienced team that understands the specific needs of sellers and helps them prepare their shipments for Amazon in the best possible way.

Important points when sending goods FBA:

  • Packaging: Ensure that the products are properly packed to avoid damage during transport. Use appropriate packaging materials that provide adequate protection. Follow Amazon’s packaging guidelines, including proper labelling.
  • Product Labelling: All products should be clearly labelled for easy identification and attribution. Use the FNSKU label provided by Amazon or the UPC/EAN barcode label to ensure your products are correctly identified.
  • Compliance:Avoid shipping prohibited or restricted products. Regularly review current policies to ensure you are compliant.
  • Delivery scheduling: Plan the shipment of your products in advance to ensure they arrive at the Amazon fulfillment centre on time. Take into account delivery times and any peak periods to avoid delays.
  • Transport company: Choose a reliable shipping company that has experience shipping goods to Amazon. Make sure the company offers tracking and insurance services to ensure safe delivery.
  • Documentation: Ensure that all required documents are properly completed and provided, including shipping labels, invoices and accompanying documents. Careful and accurate documentation facilitates the shipping process and avoids delays.
  • Monitoring and tracking: Keep an eye on the shipping status of your products by tracking them. Check the delivery status regularly to make sure your shipment is going as planned.

Response time

Another important aspect is the reliability and efficiency of the vendor. Fast turnaround times are critical to ensure that shipments are delivered to Amazon on time and that products are available online in a timely manner. The provider should have efficient processes in place to ensure a smooth process and avoid delays.


The quality of the services is also a crucial factor. The provider should carry out careful checks and inspections to ensure that the products meet Amazon standards and are approved for shipping. This includes aspects such as checking product quality, verifying proper packaging and labelling, and adhering to the guidelines for shipping to Amazon.


When pricing, it is important to analyse the supplier’s cost structure. The price comparison should not only take into account the pure service fees, but also additional services, possible discounts for larger quantities and flexibility in adapting the services to the individual requirements of the sellers.

In summary, the price comparison for the Pre FBA service should take into account the provider’s expertise and experience, reliability and efficiency, quality of services, customer service and cost structure. Fulfillment center can help sellers efficiently prepare their products for shipment to Amazon and build a successful relationship with the platform.

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