What is Shopify and for whom could this platform be useful?

The Shopify platform is one of the most popular solutions for successful e-commerce activities today.

It is a software that can help you design and run your own online shop.

Shopify was developed for users without advanced design or technical knowledge. Thanks to a simple functionality and a wide range of templates, the platform allows you to create websites quickly and seamlessly.

Shopify is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start their e-commerce without much effort. This platform can provide you with the basic framework you need to design your online shop.

Shopify is paid and offers 5 pricing plans: Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, Shopify Plus.
They differ in the cost per month and the range of functions.

However, there is the option to use the free trial version of the platform for a certain period of time.
This allows you to test all the functions Shopify offers and choose the programme that suits you best.

Advantages for starting and running your online shop with Shopify

Among the main advantages of Shopify for online shop owners can be counted:

  • Quick installation and ease of use

The platform enables a quick online shop launch without large development costs. Shopify’s management interface is user-friendly and intuitive with logically structured functions.

  • No previous technical knowledge

Shopify provides all the software and hosting. This platform frees you from the technical worries that can be a challenge when running your own online shop.

Shopify also handles all software updates. This allows you to focus entirely on selling products instead of thinking about technical issues.

  • Reliability and security

Running an online shop means, among other things, handling customers’ data that is worth protecting, including credit card details. To achieve this, your website needs to be fast and secure.

Shopify takes care of server maintenance and updates to ensure your online shop is always available to customers and pages load quickly.

  • Continuous customer support

Shopify puts a lot of emphasis on customer support. Your team is available day and night. You can contact their support department via phone, email or online chat.

Shopify also provides a help centre and numerous themed forums on how to use the platform.

  • Adaptable design

Today’s customers use not only computers for online purchases, but also their smartphones.

Therefore, it is worth optimising your online shop’s website for different screen resolutions.

Shopify’s design templates are also suitable for mobile devices.

This enables the equally good display of your online shop on all gadgets. Your customers can shop wherever they are.

For better management of your e-commerce from mobile devices, you can also use Shopify’s free iPhone and Android apps.

  • Shopify themes

Shopify offers a wide range of modern and aesthetically pleasing design options for your online shop. Each option is optimised to maximise sales from your e-commerce.

  • Shopify apps

The Shopify app shop allows you to add features that will help you increase your ecommerce sales and profits.

You can create different loyalty programmes, create lists of favourite products, integrate accounting software and much more.

  • SEO and marketing tools

These tools from Shopify can help improve your website’s ranking in search engine results.

The platform also gives you access to advanced analytics that show where your customers are coming from.

This allows you to adjust your e-commerce marketing strategy as needed.

  • Own payment system

Shopify allows for the integration of various payment methods. The platform also offers its own payment system.

With Shopify Payments, you can handle all your financial matters through a personal account without having to pay additional transaction fees.

  • Multichannel commerce

Shopify offers the ability to sell through multiple channels at once, not just the online shop.

  • Fulfilment Shopify

The platform allows its customers to successfully handle all logistics processes by connecting to the Fulfillment Shopify service.

If you are looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich solution for your e-commerce, the Shopify platform is worth a try.

How does fulfillment Shopify work?

Shopify has developed its own platform, Fulfillment Shopify, which is designed for e-commerce order fulfilment.

This service enables the logistics processes required for successful online commerce: Goods storage, collection, inventory control, packaging and delivery of orders. As Shopify claims, all Fulfillment Shopify logistics centres are regularly audited. The company therefore guarantees both high-quality handling of logistics processes and a safe working environment. Since Fulfillment Shopify’s system links all fulfillment services together, you don’t have to deal with anything in the entire logistics chain individually.

Shopify’s order fulfillment service works according to the following scheme:

  1. First, you need to submit an application to connect to Shopify’s fulfilment system. In this phase, Shopify checks your online shop and your shipping requirements.
    An important requirement for connecting to Fulfillment Shopify is to connect to Shopify itself: You must be a new or existing customer of the company and sell directly through the platform’s channels.
  2. You specify which products you want Fulfillment Shopify to handle and wait for confirmation.
  3. Shopify’s team will give you individual recommendations for the placement of your products based on your main market and sales figures. Then you can ship your items to Fulfillment Shopify’s partner locations.
  4. Once orders are received, the Fulfillment Shopify platform distributes them to various fulfilment partners to successfully complete all logistics processes: product selection, packaging and delivery.

Fulfillment Shopify offers its customers monitoring options in the admin dashboard that make it easy to control the logistics chain in your online retail business.

Fulfillment Shopify: advantageous management of your logistics processes

Once Shopify has approved your application, you can use Fulfillment Shopify. This order fulfillment service can give you access to a number of significant benefits, including:


Easier inventory management: one platform and administration panel to manage the entire logistics process from your e-commerce.
Analysis of demand forecasts, replenishment and inventory allocation: In its recommendations, Fulfillment Shopify also takes into account seasonal trends, holidays, customer locations and other factors.
Support for exchanges and returns at each fulfillment centre, allowing you to automate much of the logistics process from your e-commerce.
Secure and fast delivery of orders.
Ability to process orders on the same day.
Control and management of data from your e-commerce.
Customer support: connectivity to the Fulfillment Shopify platform ensures you get help with issues related to product distribution, location, order processing and more.
If you have customer service issues, you will work directly with Shopify and not have to go through the various companies that run these shipping centres.


Fulfillment Shopify could be a suitable solution for you to optimise the entire management processes of your e-commerce.

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