Fulfillment services and fulfillment costs

One of the biggest challenges for successful e-commerce is the coordinated handling of all logistical processes of e-commerce fulfillment. Goods have to be stored, packed, picked, shipped and much more. Well-organised fulfillment logistics play a major role in gaining the trust of potential customers and have an impact on the reputation of the entire company. However, companies often lack their own time and financial resources or trained personnel.

An optimal solution could be to outsource e-commerce fulfillment to a competent fulfillment service provider. With the help of a professional fulfillment provider, all logistical processes are handled faster and customers receive their orders on time. In any case, whether you handle the entire e-commerce fulfillment yourself or decide to hire an external fulfillment partner, one should calculate fulfillment costs first.

Fulfillment costs are the total costs and expenses for all logistical operations. If you have your own warehouse or rent it, then the fulfillment costs are more fixed.

However, this can become a challenge if, for example, the e-commerce business is not bringing in a lot of revenue and the cost of renting the warehouse remains at the same level. If you have your e-commerce fulfillment outsourced and you outsource your products to a fulfillment centre, then the fulfillment costs are more variable. They depend on the scope of the fulfillment service you contract your fulfillment partner with and the goods stored.

Important factors of fulfillment costs in e-commerce

When calculating fulfillment costs, there are certain cost items that need to be considered for accurate calculation. The most important of these include:

  • Storage

Goods have to be stored somewhere. And that costs money. Exactly how much you will pay depends on goods, size and scope.

  • Picking and shipping goods

When orders come in, you have to get corresponding items from the warehouse, pick them, pack them and ship them.

Fulfillment costs here fall on labour, packing materials and shipping the goods.

Here again, the expenses depend on the weight, the number of goods and the costs of the shipping services.

  • Returns

Returning orders incurs additional fulfillment costs.

The item must be taken back, inspected and re-stocked or disposed of.

  • Additional services

If you would like your fulfillment partner to provide additional services such as advertising, assembling and wrapping gifts, refilling goods, then you will have to expect extra fulfillment costs.

Expenses for additional fulfillment services vary depending on the fulfillment service provider.

  • IT services

In order for all fulfillment processes to function in a coordinated manner, the software system of your online shop and the system of the commissioned fulfillment service provider must match.

The costs here differ depending on the IT services as well as the fulfillment provider.

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